A simple guide to the 11 plus exam

Transferring from primary school to secondary school can be an exciting thing for students as they move to new schools, gets new uniforms, friends, and many more. However, it can be really hard for the pupils to prepare for it. Because the schools are larger and all other things are completely new to them. Another major fear for both parents and children is the entrance examination. It is not compulsory but many prefer to opt for tests to enter grammar schools. The choice for grammar school is higher because students enjoy many benefits by entering the grammar schools. If you’re on the way to make your children transfer to secondary school, then this guide may be more helpful for you.

When to start preparation?

First, you need to when to register for the examination. You can register for the examination once your child moved to year 5. The registration closes in November month and so plan accordingly. However, the rules may get changed according to your country and boards. So, you can check the details before your registration.

When it comes to preparation, it all depends on your child’s capacity. Some children would learn everything easily and some would take time. For 11 plus months, you need to prepare your children for 12 to 18 months. When they start preparation earlier, they get more confidence that is easier for your children to approach the exam. You should introduce 11 plus exam papers into your child’s routine so that they get enough practice before the examination.

children for the 11 plus exam

Take Mock exams:

If you want your child to do the exam without any tension, then Mock exams are the best thing that you should do for your child. The 11 plus exam papers organize mock exams that can be highly beneficial for your child. The online examination is much useful as you can make your children practice time management easily. After completing the mock exams, the child on their own identifies their strengths and weakness. To conduct the mock exams, you need expert help and so you need to get exams from the right team.

Result announcement:

You can expect the results in mid-October. Now, you want to wait for the results with calm. With good practice, your child could get through the examination. You could happily wait for the result, and you can make a road path to reach the destination. Everything is possible with persistent hard work. Thus, prepare your child with hope and enjoy the positive results.

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