How to Use Background Checks to Your Advantage

A background check is a process whereby an individual’s criminal history and other pertinent information are checked in order to determine their suitability for a particular position or task.

Information does Background Checks Include

Most prospective employers, landlords and others who conduct background checks will look into:

Criminal History: Many employers will conduct a criminal background check to ensure that prospective employees do not have any illegal criminal history.

Financial History: Many landlords or apartment managers will conduct a credit check on their prospective tenants to ensure they don’t have a history of unpaid debts or late rent payments.

Educational History: Many employers will check a prospective employee’s educational history to verify degrees or other credentials.

Employment History: Many employers will check an applicant’s employment history for accuracy and to verify previous positions.

how to do a background check: Obtain a National Criminal History Record Check (NCHRC) from the National Criminal History Record Check System (NCHRCS).

  • Request a state and/or local criminal history record check from the State Bureau of Identification (SBI) or Local Police Department.
  • Conduct a background check through a private background check company.


When used correctly, background checks can provide employers with a wealth of information that can be used to make hiring decisions. By understanding the different types of background checks available and how to interpret the results, employers can use this tool to their advantage.

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