Tinklepad Top Gun Full Movie

cast: Tim Robbins, Kelly McGillis
Tony Scott
Scores: 268859 Vote
creators: Jim Cash
release Date: 1986


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“Top Gun” is one of those films from the 1980s that has become a pop classic. It is made by director Tony Scott kind of like a wild and crazy music video with great sounds and greater looking people. The plot is kind of thin as Tom Cruise and partner Anthony Edwards attend the U.S. Flying Top Gun Naval Flying School and try to juggle their careers and their personal lives. Kelly McGillis does her best work as Cruise’s love interest. The film also sports a strong cast which includes Meg Ryan, Tom Skeritt, Michael Ironside, Val Kilmer, and a young Tim Robbins (do not blink you might miss Robbins. Good overall. 4 stars out of 5.

For anyone who hasn’t seen “Top Gun” GET OFF YOUR BUTTS AND WATCH IT. It is truly da bomb! It’s my absolute all time FAVOURITE movie. The only part I didn’t like was the intensly mushy part but that’s ok. It just didn’t seem to go so well with the rest of the film. Or maybe it went too well. have to think a bit more about that one. Anyway, for a film made in the 1980’s it’s the best. I’m 17 and I love it above all other moves (though ID4 comes easy 2nd.) Go watch it. That’s all I can say.
This is my favourite movie of all me crazy… i know it’s just a basic, fluffy hollywood story that’s been done a million times before (and will be done another million times again. the acting is not outstanding and the dialogue is real cheesy, but once the dogfighting scenes hit the screen i forget about all characters are oh so typical, but for some reason i care about maverick and goose… i know that the movie is supposedly about a gay man coming to terms with his homosexuality, as very funnily stated by quentin tarentino in “sleep with me” but i just don’t movie kicks butt and i love it.




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